Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Life Event

Wake up, kick ass and be kind

A few weekends ago, Steph, my amazing and adventurous friend, and I escaped to New York City for the weekend. She stumbled upon this event that Cosmopolitan (yes as in the magazine) put on last year and was anxiously awaiting for 2015 tickets to go one sale. Of course, when she told me about it, I instantly agreed! This event pulled together a group of powerful and successful women to discuss their path to success, empower attendees to be the best version of themselves and of course, to have fun! #FunFearlessLife

The event was held on the top floor of the Hearst Tower and Cosmo headquarters (what girl’s dream isn’t to see inside their office?!). Walking into this incredible building, we had no idea what to expect and no clue the empowered, strong women we would walk out as. We grab our badges and giddily rode up the escalator to an energetic, pink, fabulous foyer! So overwhelmed, we didn’t know where to start: makeovers, Cosmo cover photo shoot, the photo booth, meet the women behind this incredible event and company? It felt like we stepped into this dream event, unsure how we were able to just purchase tickets and get in.

With only a few minutes to absorb this movie like reality, we were escorted into the elevators and whisked up to the 43rd floor. All of a sudden, we were at that top of New York and I felt on top of the world. Joanna Coles herself floated into the room to kick off the event, filled with such confidence and excitement for the day.

We were so lucky to hear from women like Chelsea Handler, Ivanka Trump, Stacy London, Fifth Harmony, Whitney Wolfe and dozens more. Having never met anyone famous, I was shocked by how down to earth yet inspiring each one of these women are. You could truly see the spark and passion inside each woman. They pushed through the hardest challenges, keeping their goals in mind.

Steph and I lived in each moment, furiously jotting down notes that resonated with us so we would not lose any tidbits. It was beyond awe-inspiring to see all these successful, powerful and famous women that have not only made an impact on the world but probably 15 year old Liz.

A reception followed where we met some other amazing attendees, as well as a few Cosmo women. Everyone around us was strong, motivated and inspired, not just those on the stage but those attending. It made me question if I was “good enough” to be part of this hardworking and powerful group. I realized – of course I was! I was one of those women! I have the spark, drive and passion that fuels my life but it can easily be forgotten. This event reminded me of the version of myself that I strive to be.

Nothing compares to sitting in that room, surrounded by those amazing women, but I hope to recreate a little spark and energy while delivering some of the tid-bits that resonated most with me.

Here are some of my favorite tid-bits from the event: (not exact quotes from each, just paraphrasing their messages)

Make stress work for you, use stress as energy and transform it into courage. Stress happens when something you care about it at stake. Nervousness happens because your body is getting ready to help you rise to the challenge.
– Kelly McGonigal

Have confidence in your ability. You ARE as powerful as you think. Conquer your fears – they are worth tackling and will pay off. When you put in the work, you have the leisure to ask for what you want because you have earned the right to ask. Be brave, not fearless.
– Chelsea Handler

Don’t put your happiness into other people’s hands. You are in control of how you feel and how you react to things.
– Bethany Moda

How to leave your mark: Build your personal brand – construct a clear filter about what you are sharing, does it add value? Social media is a two way street, share the voices of powerful allies and they might share yours. Work on your own personal elevator pitch – who are you, what do you stand for? Keep a list of the most important people in your life and brush up with them every once in a while.
– Aliza Licht

Spend some time and create a clear view of your core values and big picture goals. When something comes your way, ask yourself if it aligns with these two, if not then say no. Focus on what is most important, distractions can destroy dreams.
– Adam Rosante

Three ways to get the guy: 1: You have to approach 2: Be hot in more than one way – be multidimensional 3: Keep your standards no matter how much you like him
– Matthew Hussey

More food for thought:
What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
Check this out: Power Posing

Books and authors from the event:
Get the Guy
Leave Your Mark
Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges

So from here, I am going to spend some time working on what my core values and big picture goals look like to make sure my actions are aligned with them. They are not easy but it’s empowering to be able to work towards something and modify them as your life changes.


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