24 Day Challenge Round #2!

What is it about the holidays that makes everyone crazy about getting in shape? Why should I wait until January to kick off healthy eating habits? I want to already feel great in January!

It has officially been two months since I completed the 24 Day Challenge and I am happy to announce that I have been able to keep off every single pound that I lost during the challenge!

My post-challenge goal was to continue with 80/20 plan, keeping the balanced meals with a few splurges. Disappointingly, the splurges got to me and it became more of the 50/50 plan. Although I haven’t been able to keep up the 80/20 as planned, I have been making better choices and eating much smaller portions compared to pre-challenge meals

I am halfway to my goal weight so this week I started the challenge again, but with some modifications. I am keeping the same food guidelines but only taking my favorite supplements instead of the full blown challenge ones. Each morning starts with a glass of spark, 1 probiotic, 2 Catalysts and 2 OmegaPlex. This morning routine is a huge part of how I have been able to keep the weight off. They fill in those nutrition gaps and help curb my appetite. Having completed the challenge, transforming and understanding my body, I started again with better goals in mind.

Here are my new guidelines:

  • Stick to healthy meals at work and at home – no need to splurge when I am just cooking for one
  • Enjoy nights out with friends/family while making better (not perfect but better) choices
  • Ensure that protein makes its way into every meal along with fruits or veggies

With these rules, my hope is that when I complete the challenge again that I have a better grasp on the 80/20 plan and it will become a routine. There should be no need to splurge for a week straight and ruin all the hard work I put in to get to that point.

Start the change in your life now. By the time January rolls around, you will not need to have “lose weight” as a New Year’s goal, you can already be on track and know you can do it! Join the 24 Day Challenge with me!


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