Apple picking fun and what to do with all those apples!

New England is known for all the best of fall: foliage, apple picking, crisp days, and having lots of basic bitches. Matt Bellassai nailed it and knows all about how us New England ladies love and obsess over all the cheesy fall things.

Of course, my roommates and I had to make a weekend out of apple picking. We got all bundled up in our cozy sweaters, scarfs and boots and headed to Honey Pot Hill in Stow, MA. We really love this orchard; it has scrumptious apple cider donuts, a large selection of apples and overall is just a beautiful place.

Since we were driving out west, I decided to bring my roommates to Domenic’s in Waltham, MA to pick up sandwiches to fuel us for the day. Their fresh and crusty bread is unbelievable and truly makes their sandwiches the best. I’ve been telling them about Dom’s for years are now on the Dom’s bandwagon. It’s decided that it is worth the 30 minute drive for us!

While sitting on a picnic bench, devouring our parma and eggplant parm sandwiches, we couldn’t help but notice the stares coming from the table behind us. After 5 minutes, with such envy, they yell “where are those sandwiches from?” We tell them Dom’s and they said they thought so and could tell from the bread. I’m not joking about this bread! After finishing every last bite of our lunch we were off to gather as many apples as we could carry.

My roommates thought we would get away without a photo shoot, but of course that theory didn’t last very long. A group of other BBs took our photos in exchange for being their photographer. What does fall do to us?!

As apples are one of my favorites things, I spent the entire time picking apples with one hand and eating an apple with the other. There’s something about a freshly picked apple that is hard to resist. Our bag, yet small, still packed in probably 20+ apples…we always end up with way too many apples.

During our picturesque drive home, we imagined all the delicious treats we could make with our freshly picked apples. We settled on Skinny Taste’s Apple Nut Muffins as they were such a hit last year. This recipe is great because it uses apple sauce instead of butter, making it a less guilty treat. We did not have whole wheat flour so substituted with all-purpose, which I prefer because of the lighter texture. We also made our own streusel with oats and brown sugar instead of granola.

Still have plenty of apples leftover? Invite some friends over and make these:

Apple Nachos
Chocolate and Granola Apple Wedges
Caramel Apple Jello Shots
Mulled Apple Cider Sangria


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