Getting Back on Track After Vacation

My mom and I just got back from a lovely trip to South Carolina. Sadly, I must report that my inner carb goddess defeated me on vacation. This was my first vacation since kicking off a healthier lifestyle so I knew it would be a challenge with having restaurants as our only option. I figured I would make a few splurges here and there (it’s vacation after all) but after just a few unbelievably satisfying dishes in Charleston, it was too hard to stop.

After eating clean for the past few months, I noticed that my body was reacting much differently to “normal” food than it was prior to the challenge. I was consuming lots of carbs and fried foods which just ended up dragging me down. I was exhausted all day, no matter how much spark I drank! This was proof to me that what you put in your body has a direct effect on how you feel. Seems obvious, I know!

My mom loves to walk everywhere she possible can and being her first time in Charleston, she wanted to walk the whole city. I agree that it’s a great way to explore cities and find spots off the beaten road, but it sure takes a beating on your feet. Since we were not eating healthy, we decided to walk our calories off and explore. While in Charleston, we walked over 10 miles each day! Our feet sure hurt after that but kept it up, walking at least 6 miles each day in Myrtle Beach.

Now that I am back to reality, I am having regret over all the terrible (but yummy) food that I consumed over five days. Three pesky pounds in just five days – not cool inner carb goddess! During the 24 Day Challenge, it was a victory to get through a whole day with clean eating and not cave to those tempting treats. I am looking to making those small victories every day.

I am getting back up on that horse and picking right back up on the 80/20 plan. The trip was just a road bump in my journey, not a dead end like I am used to. I learned some very important lessons on how to eat while on vacation. I am looking forward to spending the weekend recipe hunting, grocery shopping and prepping for next week.

It was an amazing trip but I realize that the guilt for eating unhealthy is not worth it. I’ve learned that you can still enjoy some treats on vacation while eating healthy for most meals. You will have more energy to actually enjoy your vacation.

Hopefully this helps keep you motivated even when you fall off the horse for a little. No one is perfect. I will forever remember those cupcakes and biscuits but the rest of my meals seem like wasted calories that I have to fight hard to kick out of my body.

Lessons Learned:

  • Plan where you want to splurge – maybe it’s at that Italian restaurant that has 5 rave reviews about their tortellini.
  • Drink lots of water – most the time I ended up just being thirsty. It’s my inner carb goddess’ way of getting me to eat more. Trickery!
  • Stay active – walking everywhere ensured that we got our steps in and see some cool parts of the city.

Funny story: During my trip, I texted a friend who is currently doing the challenge, and told her that I was craving vegetables. I didn’t think you could crave vegetables but you sure can. She replied with “I think craving veggies is a sign of being a real adult!” Looks like I’m showing signs of being an actual adult! Crap!

Here are some of our favorite spots in Charleston:

Hot Little Biscuit – HOLY WOW! Best biscuits I’ve ever had, worth the splurge
Sugar – had the most amazing caramel cupcake with pecans on top, again worth the splurge
Five Loaves – great hidden gem off King Street for a casual lunch, order lots of half meals
Hominy Grill – amazing outdoor eating and phenomenal brunch – the pecan pie was unbelievable
The Griffin – dollar bills…just everywhere and of course I had to write happy birthday to my mom on one and stapled it to the wall


4 thoughts on “Getting Back on Track After Vacation

  1. I can’t believe you and your mom were in my adopted hometown! At least you made it to my favorite lunch/dinner spot in Charleston: Five Loaves. My mom always wants to go there when they are in town. Please wish your mom happy birthday from me, and I so wish I could have caught up with you both for a drink in beautiful Charleston!


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