3 Ways I Stay Active While Donating to My Gym

I am the queen of excuses when it comes to going to the gym. My friends always joke that I don’t pay for the gym, I donate to it. Each month I contribute a pretty penny to help others get fit! Sounds like a great charity right? Wrong. Gyms are not a charity, Liz, gyms are not a charity!

When I moved to the city, I figured that if I invested in a fancy all women’s gym with a spa area and towel service, I would go all the time, right? Wrong! For the first few months I would go and treat myself to the eucalyptus steam room as my reward for going, I even got a personal trainer! He was great, I was getting stronger and was building up my core, but when I looked at my savings account, I knew it was time to part ways with my pretty, blonde trainer.

Now that I have started this new healthy journey, I am hoping that I can kick the bad habit of making excuses, walk 5 whole minutes to the gym and work out! In the meantime, I have found 3 hobbies that keep me active and out of the gym.

  1. My Fitbit: Health and wellness is a huge part of the culture at my new company. They are constantly running new wellness challenges, hosting healthy eating meetings, bringing in yoga instructors and more! They also provide a Fitbit to everyone! Before having a tracker, I had no clue how many steps or miles I was getting in a day. Turns out, it was not a whole lot when I finally started wearing mine. I was lucky to make 4,000 a day out of the 10,000 that is recommended. So, I started a goal for myself to make 6,500 and when I realized I was always over that, I decided to make it 10,000! It’s my mission to hit my goal everyday which puts me at just over 4 miles. If at the end of the day, I am a few thousand away from my goal, I go for a walk. My Fitbit has definitely been an awesome tool to keep me active every day!
  2. Kayaking: A few friends and I signed up for a season kayaking pass on the Charles and we try to get out on the water once a week. Most times, we paddle out and just float around and catch up, but it’s a great arm workout when you are paddling back against the current. I love kayaking because it never feels like work and I get to hang out with friends while enjoying the beautiful Boston skyline!
  3. Line Dancing: This is my favorite a new hobby! My friend got me into it a few months ago and now we are both completely hooked! Twice a week, a country bar offers free line dancing lessons and we are determined to become pros. It’s not as easy as it looks and we definitely are glistening at the end of the night. Note: neither of us drink while line dancing so we are saving lots of calories and probably much more focused on the dance floor!

PS: I went on a run last night for the first time in months! It was the perfect temperature outside and I was feeling a little motivated. I only went 1.6 miles (obviously did not run the whole time!) but I was proud that I got out there. Baby steps!


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