Roommates + Wine = Homemade Ravioli Night

Embracing a new lifestyle does not always come with ease and it’s tempting to go back to old habits. Before completing the 24 day challenge, I of course had a list of things I wanted to devour the second I was done, mostly bread, pasta, mac and cheese and pizza! When day 25 arrived, I was feeling the best I had in a very long time and realized that it was not worth throwing away all the hard work for a binge eating weekend.

With that said, in order for me to make this part of my real lifestyle, I could not give up cooking, baking and enjoying the yummy treats in life. After all, I am a complete foodie! If I completely restrict myself, I know that I will fall off the bandwagon pretty fast and never look back. Living by the 80/20 rule allows me to eat healthy while still indulging in some of my favorite foods. Check out this blog that has some great recipes that follow the 80/20 rule.

Before the wedding (with the horrible dress ripping experience) or even knowing about the challenge, I ordered a pasta roller for my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Making meals from scratch is one of my favorite hobbies, when I have the time, but I find it therapeutic and extremely satisfying to sit down to a meal that I fully created!

My roommates and I used to plan Sunday dinners together every few weekends and I decided that it was time for another roommate dinner! I had been dying to use my new pasta roller and decided to make ravioli for everyone! Clearly using my 20% for this meal!

It had been so long since we all made a meal together, so it was great to giggle, catch up, drink wine and make a meal together. Before even starting on the pasta, making homemade tomato sauce came first so it had enough time to simmer. We made up the recipe as we went but was pretty much an onion, garlic, chopped up a bunch of fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, salt, pepper, oregano, white wine and a dash of sugar.

Then it was time for the dough and my inner carb goddess was jumping for joy! It was so much fun making those long sheets of pasta. We set up an assembly line and made beautiful little pillows of heaven!

We sat down to a beautiful and yummy meal (almost in silence because it was too good to focus on the conversation) and were so proud of our creation. In the past, I would have eaten three servings of these, but one serving of 8 raviolis was all it took to satisfy my inner carb goddess. I savored each bite since I knew it was my treat instead of gobbling down half the pot! At the end of the night, it was strange, but incredible, not feeling bloated and so stuffed that I had to roll down the hallway to get into bed. This new way of thinking and eating is working for me!

Here is the spinach ricotta ravioli recipe we used, with a few tweaks of course.

Enjoy the little splurges!


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