You can do anything for 24 days!!!

Dear Inner Carb Goddess – you need to chill out!

My best friend had a beautiful wedding day and was off to her honeymoon. I was at home wondering how had I gained so much weight and was trying to come up with some quick fixes. Juice cleanse? No way, I LOVE actual food way too much. Go to the gym 5x a week? Can’t seem to even do that. Seems like I have a motivation problem, huh? Not only that, but I was looking for a quick fix, and we all know that doesn’t last. What I really needed was a swift kick in the bum to start a healthier lifestyle. For being almost 30, I should eat like an adult (vegetables, proteins, fruits…) but me… I eat like a little kid let loose at a birthday party. Okay, maybe not that bad but I’m sure you get the idea!

Finding my swift kick in the bum

It’s funny how timing really is everything. So there I was, still on my couch, browsing Facebook and came across a picture of one of my old college friends. She has just completed the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge and posted her Day 1 and Day 24 picture and I was completely stunned by her results!  Without even thinking, I ordered the challenge for myself, not even realizing what I just got myself into. I thought for 24 days, I can do anything! This could be my swift kick in the butt that I needed!!

I was so giddy waiting for my challenge to arrive, I spent days looking on Pinterest for recipes and read many success stories. 24 days didn’t seem like enough time to make such a difference in my body and energy. My box finally arrived and I spent that Sunday prepping for the whole week! The program is basically gluten, dairy, sugar and alcohol free. Sounds impossible right? My inner carb goddess was absolutely freaking out!

Day 1-10: Cleanse Phase

Day 1 and 2 were pretty easy, I had my breakfasts, lunches and healthy snacks all prepped and made a balanced dinner with I got home. Spark, the energy drink, had me bouncing off the walls on day 1 as I am not a coffee or caffeine drinker so this was a new world for me! I loved how it was a quick pick me up and did not crash hours later. I could really get used to this Spark stuff!!

Then day 3 came…this was by far the hardest day and it felt like it came out of nowhere. I felt awful, drained, hungry and was constantly complaining to my coworkers (they can attest to my crazy moaning that day). I tried to find blogs to see if anyone else was feeling this way but could not find much. I considered quitting but decided to keep moving forward. After consulting my AdvoCare group, it turns out, I was just having sugar and carb withdrawals! There she was – my inner carb goddess was rebelling!!

Luckily, I woke up on day 4 feeling much better and every day after that got easier and easier.  Now that my body had adjusted to actually receiving the right nutrients, it was smiling back at me without any of those annoying cravings!  It was amazing! I was even sleeping better, which never happens! During the first ten days (the cleanse) I lost 5 lbs, several inches off my waist and I was truly shocked!

Day 11-24: Max Phase

The first 10 days had it’s ups and downs but I was able to stay right on track with the program but the next 14 days were a bit harder. I managed to stay mostly on track (a few bites of cookies and couple vodka sodas here and there) but I survived!!! Watching my roommates eat cookies, pasta and chips was not easy but at the end of each night I was so proud that I did not cave to my carb goddess! Another victory!

Between my roommates, co-workers and my Advocare group, I had a solid support group. When I was having weak moments, they reminded me of how far I had come and kept me going. Without them, this challenge would have been a lot harder.

A Few Lessons Learned

Prep – without prep, eating healthy is not an easy task and there are always temptations lurking
Support – you need cheerleaders to keep you going in your weak moments
Motivation – remember why you are doing this, you will feel victorious at the end of each day for all the temptations you said no to


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