The Results Are In!!!!

I completed the challenge last week and wish I had started this post while I was doing my challenge to share the ups and downs over the 24 days! Now that I working on Day 25+, I want to try and share my success and keep track of my progress post challenge. I cannot believe I am sharing this picture with the world, but guess what! I am so proud of myself that I couldn’t help it!

Because I removed white carbs from my diet, I was significantly less bloated. In the past, no matter how much weight I lost, I always had that lovely round bagel around my waist. I noticed that it was slowly disappearing for the first time ever and that was the best feeling!

Here are my AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge results:
Weight: down 9 lbs
Chest: down 2 inches
Waist: down 2 inches
Belly: down 5 inches!!! (I added this one in because it was my largest area)
Hips: down 3 inches
Thighs: down 2 inches

Pretty cool right?

So let’s see how my Day 25+ goes! I would love to hear your journey and get advice from those who completed it that are still living the AdvoCare life! 🙂

Want in on this amazing challenge? Check it out here: 24 Day Challenge


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