Dear Inner Carb Goddess – It’s Time for a Change

Hi world! I’m Liz – a Bostonian who loves to cook homemade Italian meals, see the world one city at a time, find every winery on a road trip, sail (well be on one, not actually do the hard work), learn new country line dances, bake cookies just like my grandma does, meet new people, dine out and drink with friends. As you can tell, lots of my favorite things come with calories! I love bread, cheese, wine, pasta, pizza, did i mention bread?

If you can’t tell from my huge smile, that is me with some of my favorite food in the world: my dad’s secret waffle recipe. I made these for Galentine’s day this year as a base for ice cream, strawberries, and 10000’s of chocolatey things. Hey Carb Goddess!

As I loom closer to the big 3-0, my body is starting to not appreciate all those carbs and fatty foods that I oh so love to consume. Granted, I have always struggled being happy with my weight, a day came – just so happened to be my best friend’s wedding day – that I did not fit into my bridesmaid dress!  It ripped before the ceremony even started. From that moment on, I knew something had to change. And today, I decided that I wanted to share my journey on my way to a healthier lifestyle and hopefully inspire others out there.

May my inner carb goddess not hate me!


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