4 Tools That Make Eating Healthier Easier!

During the 24 Day Challenge, I learned more about my eating habits than I had in the past few years! The challenge forced me to look at portion sizes, learn how to balance my meals and understand how my body reacts to the food I put in it. It was a pretty cool adventure and did not realize what a learning experience it would be. So I want to put my knowledge to work and share it with you!

Here are the 4 tools that not only helped me through the challenge but continue to make it easy to eat healthy!

1. Meal Prep Containers
I live with 3 other girls and it’s never easy to claim enough tupperware for a week let alone a day or two! These containers make it easy to control how much I am eating at meals and stack very nicely in the fridge since they are all the same size. Who has matching tupperware anymore? In our household, we can barely match lids with the containers  – we have a high tupperware divorce rate!  So on Sundays, I cook up a storm and then line up 5 containers for lunches and fit 4 breakfasts into 2 containers (easier since I bring fruit and put usually a veggie frittata and sweet potatoes in my containers). I usually have a protein shake for at least one breakfast so only need a few breakfast portions.

2. Single Serving Blender
Ensuring I eat fruit everyday seems to be such a challenge for me. I have no idea why, because I love fruit – they are sweet and juicy! But I easily skip over them. Having a single serving blender saved my life. It makes it so easy to throw some fruit and spinach in and have a healthy smoothie in the morning.

3. Vegetable Spiralizer
How did I live almost 29 years without this? This tool seems to satisfy my inner carb goddess and fools her into thinking I am eating pasta! See carb goddess – we can make this work!! I make zucchini pasta several times a week with grilled chicken and it leaves me full, satisfied and happy. I have dinner on the table in less than 15 minutes. This is now a household favorite and sometimes we fight over who gets to use it first.

4. Blender Bottle
Granted I was not drinking protein or fiber drinks before this challenge, these bottles have become part of my daily routine. No one wants to be drinking floating clumps of powder. Tip: add water first, then add your powder and then add the rest of your water. This trick ensures you don’t have a circle of powder at the bottom of your cup.

These are my four staples but we all know I love making things easier so let me know what your staple tools are!


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